The Conscious Mind

All that "you" know, are aware of, think about, imagine or express - makes up your conscious mind.

It is not possible for any individual mind, to know what any other mind actually feels like to the other person. In general, we may assume that everyone else experiences consciousness in a similar way that we ourselves do, but we would likely be wrong.

Note that you can sometimes contribute consciously to some of the situations which are largely under subconscious control.  - Core temperature is an example: you might consciously decide to put more layers of clothing on to keep warm for example.

However, your conscious mind didn't work that out by sampling your body temperature, exertion level, or any other similar fundamental tests on which to base a decision - these are activities of the subconscious mind.

There are ways in which the conscious mind might help out the subconscious mind:

  • Recognize the physical symptoms of prior subconscious reactions - e.g. notice that you have cold hands after your peripheral blood circulation had been restricted to reduce further heat loss. In this situation you may consciously decide to put on the gloves you have in your pocket, or maybe to go into a nearby shop until you feel warmer.

  • Plan ahead, using logic to circumvent the possibility of a subconscious reaction being required - e.g. If you need to go out and you know it is snowing, you may consciously decide - before going out - to wrap up well, including gloves and hat. At this point, your subconscious mind has no reason to take steps to save body heat. This would become an active requirement only if your body temperature begins to fall while on your journey.

  • The conscious mind is able to access memories and emotions of some previous events stored in the subconscious mind, and is then able to make logical inferences between them. This could help us find suitable responses to patterns of events which the subconscious mind has not previously encountered.

Of course it will always remain difficult to know whether the subconscious mind influenced the beginning of any conscious functionality or not.